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Houston's Line of Duty Death's


Recent Houston Fire Fighter Deaths
Current Month to January 2017



Houston Fire Department's Deceased Fire Fighters
A to Z,
from 1895 to Present


Houston Fire Department
Presumptive Illness


The Pictorial History of the Houston Fire Department 1895 to 1980

The Pictorial History of the Houston Fire Department 1980 to 2014


Houston Fire Department Books or Programs


Remembering Our Fallen Firefighter Article


 University of Houston-Online digital Scott Mellott Photo Collection 


FDNY Murdered on September 11, 2001

Listing of all the 911 deaths. Click below:



HFD Early History

Listings for the original paid Houston Fire Fighters in August 1895

City Directories-Houston Volunteer Fire Companies from 1866 t1894

 City Directories-Houston Fire Department Fire Houston 1895 to 1933 

Unlisted HFD Fire Fighters 1921



Miscellaneous Items

Houston Fire Department Line of Duty Memorial Shirts

 The Pictorial History of the Houston Fire Department Book Reveiws

 HFD-Fire Fighter Obituaries

Recent Houston Fire Fighter Death
This page list deceased from January 2009 to December 2016