F. Scott Mellott, a native Texan, was born in El Paso, TX. His Army Master Sergeant dad retired in the mid 1950's and moved the family to Galveston, TX.
His dad was an "Army Chef" and he did what he knew, so the family bought an existing diner near downtown Galveston, called "The Two Sisters Grill".
The family lived on Galveston Island until the late 1950ís when they moved to the Texas City area where Scott lived until after high school.

When asked at an early age what he wanted to be when he grew up, he always said "a fireman". However, after several semesters of college, he found that
the timing was not good for entrance into the Houston Fire Department. He was hired by a local railroad company where he was a clerk for 3 years. One day
while sitting at a desk at the railroad's main office, he decided he had had enough and wanted to start doing what he really wanted to do, be a Houston Firefighter.

In mid-1974 Scott went through the lengthy hiring process and was hired and placed in Class 74F, which started late November 1974. He graduated in March of
1975 and his first assignment was to Fire House 8, which was one of the several downtown fire houses.

After two years of being a firefighter, with many fires under his belt, he took the civil service exam and became a Chauffeur in 1978. He stayed at that rank for
the rest of his career. He retired after 31 years in May of 2006.

Scott was always interested in history and was excited when the Houston Fire Museum asked him to do a research project. The project was to research information
pertaining to the HFD's line of duty firefighters. The information was going to be used in the "Memorial Section" of the 1988 Houston Fire Department
history/yearbook. The research took 8 months. In that time, he corrected a lot of wrong information and actually discovered two firefighters who had been left off
the official HFD line of duty list. His research was also used in the next two HFD yearbooks, 1995 and 2000.

In 2000 the Houston Firefighters Pension and Relief Fund moved into their new home on the north side of Houston. The complex also included the "Memorial Garden"
with a memorial wall and a line of duty monument. The new wall contained all of the names of HFD's deceased firefighters, which at the time was 1200 names. Each
year names are added for those that died during the year. That same year, Scott started a memorial web site that contains the lists of those names. In 2002, Scott
began to collect HFD photographs to enhance his research. Soon he had a collection of over 6000 HFD photographs.

Scott joined Facebook in 2005 and began adding firefighter friends and posting his old photos. Soon after that firefighters began encouraging him to "write a book".
It was not until January 2012 that Scott began the process of producing a HFD pictorial history book that covered the years 1895 to 1980. When this book was
published in August of 2012 and the sales process began, HFD firefighters were already asking him to continue to chronicle the rest of HFD history.

In January of 2014 Scott took all of the requests to continue the history to heart and started the process. The book was finished by July 16th and off the printing
press in late August.

Scott continues his research of the past HFD firefighters and maintains his HFD memorial web site. He also occupies his time with his part time job at
United Air Lines as a baggage handler, with his volunteer work with an animal assisted therapy group, and the Houston Beagle rescue group.

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