Robert "Bobby" Weir Milburn  

March 31, 1911  - April 14, 1949 at age 38


Born :   in Palestine, Texas                
Entered Fire Department :
September 4, 1933
Duty :
Driver at Station # 7  
Buried :
South Park Cemetery, Section J, Plot 227

Box #3423, located at McGowen and Sauer Streets, was a fire alarm pull box that had sent in many false alarms. The men from Station 7 had been trying through channels to have this box removed. On the night of April 14, a prankster activated the alarm box which summoned Bobby Milburn to his death. Milburn was driving the Chief’s car while en route to Box #3423. The car reached the intersection of Fannin and McGowen the same time as a pickup truck. The pickup and Chief’s car collided, seriously injuring the Chief and the driver of the pickup. Bobby was thrown out of the vehicle and suffered fatal injuries. The impact of the two vehicles was so great that both vehicles ended up on the side street far enough down the street that the passing Engine and Ladder 7 never knew that the accident had occurred.

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