Lewis Evans Mayo III

December  13, 1955-February 14, 2000 on Valentines Day at age 45 


Born:  December 13, 1955 in the state of Florida
Entered Fire Department:  June 29, 1981
Duty: Fire Fighter at Station 76 A Shift
Buried: Memorial Oaks, Section 219, Lot 8 Space 2

The McDonalds Fire

After graduating from the fire academy, Lewis was assigned to Fire Station 16. Station 10 was re-built and opened in the southwest side of town. The crew that Lewis had been assigned moved to this brand new station. Lewis then became a southwest fire fighter. After a few years in 1989,while still at Station 10, he transferred to Station 76 because of balancing of manpower. He soon began to feel at home in his new assignment.
Lewis Mayo worked hard on and off the job. He co-owned a lawn business
that kept him very busy on his off days. His dedication to his family led to many hours of time spent with them. He was also the coach his daughters soccer team.

Lewis was a soft spoken man who enjoyed working in the fire service. He did the best job that he could on assignments at the station and on the fire ground. He was well thought of by the officers he worked for and the men he worked with.

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