Kimberly Ann Smith

November 20, 1969-February 14, 2000 on Valentines Day at age 30   


Born:  in El Paso, Texas                     
Entered Fire Department:
April 11, 1994
Fire Fighter 76, C Shift
Buried:   Mt. Calvery Catholic Cemetery-Refugio Texas, in the far left corner. Between her grandparents Beatrice and Lewis Zarsky.  

Kim's "bio"

The McDonalds Fire

Kim was raring to go after graduation from the HFD Training Academy. She was fit and trim and ready for anything anybody threw her way. On her application, she answered the question of how she would handle the stress the job of a Houston fire fighter would bring, by confidently writing, "I personally deal with stress through physical exercise. I presently run and lift weights on a regular basis, both of which helps me to alleviate those daily stresses which life brings." Kim made an impact on everyone she came in contact with.

She was assigned from the Training Academy to station 68, "A" shift where it was not long before she became a seasoned veteran. Kim later transferred to Station 13, "A" shift, where she stayed for three years. Kim enjoyed working with the crew of 13A, but she felt a need to get back to her southwest side of town roots where she had a better chance of doing what she liked best about the job, fighting fires. Of course she also left Station 13 to go to a station where there was not an ambulance. She transferred to Station 76 on January 14, 2000.

Kim Smith not only has the sad distinction of being the 56th Fire Fighter who has died in the line of duty, and the first female.                                                                              

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