Clifford A. Wiese  

June 10, 1891  -  July 14, 1913 at age 22  


Born :  in Houston, Texas                     
Entered Fire Department :
July 4, 1913
Duty :
Fire Fighter  at Station #3  
Buried :

  Clifford Weise had worked for the Houston Fire Department for a few months in 1912. He had been reinstated for ten days when he was a victim of an accident on July 14, 1913. Clifford was assigned to Station 3 at 1919 Houston Avenue and Spring Street. His duty that day he died was that of driving a mule-drawn supply wagon and delivering supplies to the various fire stations around the city. Upon completing his day’s deliveries, he began the trip back to his fire station. There was a railroad track that ran beside Fire Station 3, which was in need of repair. The maintenance crew of the Missouri-Kansas-Texas Railroad was on the job repairing the bad track with a work train that consisted of various types of cars used to hold the needed equipment. Weise and his wagon were traveling on Johnson Street and were less than 500 feet from the back of the fire station when they began to cross the railroad tracks to turn onto Spring Street. At the same time the engine of the work train was pushing its rail cars across Johnson Street where Weise was attempting to cross. The lead rail car hit the wagon splintering it into many pieces, injuring the horse and fatally injuring Weise. Clifford Weise was taken by ambulance to Saint Joseph Hospital where he died two hours later.

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