Anne "Punky" McCormick Sullivan

Born:  December 4, 1988
Graduated from the Val Jahnke Training Academy
: April 2013 (Date)
Duty:  Probationary Fire Fighter, Station 68 "A" Shift
Died:  Friday, May 31st, 2013 age 24  

 More later, For now here is a link to her obituary

Wednesday June 5th 2013 At 10:23 PM   

It is a very sad for me to have to type out this child's name on this page. I am sad when every time I type in a new name of a deceased Fire Fighter. This one is different, I have a grown daughter as well and it would be tough to loose her. I tell her, no parent should have to bury their child, and she would tell me she will do her best not to keep that from make happening.

I know Anne's crew at Fire House 68 "A" Shift very well and I sure it was a great adventure for her and from the words of the crew today at the memorial service, she really impacted their lives.  Reminds me of someone else that also worked at Fire House 68. Kimberly Ann Smith LODD February 14, 2000. The description of Kim is very similar to "Miss" Anne  and I sure "Miss" Kim is showing her the ropes!

To Anne's family, I am now in charge of her HFD Memory and I will do my best, you all now are part of our Fire Fighter family.

"God Speed Anne "Punky" Sullivan"

 Words from her buddy, Bobby Clark at her funeral, Thursday June 6, 2013