Charles Roland Rusk  

June 3, 1880  -  June 8, 1932 at age 52  


Born :  in Akron,Ohio                     
Entered Fire Department :
April 24, 1918
Duty :
Fire Fighter  at Station #1
Buried :
Hollywood Cemetery, Section K, Space 105 

Charles Rusk, prior to his fatal accident, had been slowly losing his eyesight. This medical condition caused him to leave the Houston Fire Department in November of 1931 after fourteen years of service. In time, he regained his eyesight which enabled him to return to duty on May 8, 1932.

Rusk was fatally injured exactly one month after his return to duty when the ladder truck he was riding on slammed into an eastbound streetcar at 17th Street and Yale Street. Ladder 14, which was en route to a house fire, struck the streetcar broadside, causing injury to the operator of the streetcar, two passengers, Rusk, and two fellow fire fighters. Rusk was transported to the Heights Clinic where he died later the same day.

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