Esker Jackson Rogers  

May 18, 1906  -  August 22, 1934 at age 28 


Born :  Buckholtz, Texas            
Entered Fire Department
September , 1929
Duty :
Fire Fighter  at Station #
Buried :
Rosewood Cemetery, Section 20, Plot 90, Space 2 

Esker Rogersí death was a classic example of someone being in the wrong place at the wrong time. His was regularly assigned to Station 17, but because of a shortage of fire fighters at Station 24, someone was needed from Station 17. However, it was not Rogersí turn. It was the turn of another fire fighter, who lived to tell about it. When Rogers reported to Station 24, they received a call from a fire alarm box, which turned out to be false. While en route to the location, a streetcar pulled into Engine 24ís path at Leeland and Jackson. The driver of Engine 24 tried to avoid hitting the streetcar by turning sharply. This caused the fire apparatus to slam sideways into the streetcar, crushing Rogers between the two vehicles. Rogers was taken to St. Josephs Infirmary where he died later that evening. 

None of the occupants of the streetcar were injured; however, three other fire fighters were seriously hurt.
Captain Merl F. London, Driver Julis F. "Bubba" Arto and firefighter Willie Cross.

Esker was survived by his wife Jewel and his children, two boy and a girl.

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