Kevin Wayne Kulow

4-4-4 Palm Sunday
District 4

 November 2, 1971  - April 4, 2004 at age 32

Entered Fire Department : September 15, 2003
Duty :
Probationary Firefighter at Station 50 A shift 
Buried :
Sealy Public Cemetery-Section 17 Lot 423B Space B Listing

Firefighter Kevin Kulow started his day just like all rookies, a little early. He came in and took off the gear of the firefighter he was to relieve that day and started his day just like any other day since being assigned to Station 50 late last year. A short time after he arrived at work, at 5:55 pm his assigned apparatus was dispatched to a truck fire with hazardous materials involved on Kempwood Street.  However I am sure he knew from his 12 years experience as a Sealy  Fire Department Volunteer that any thing can happen on this job. Well, turned out that the building at the dispatched address was charged with smoke with civilians saying that there were still people in the building. Kevin did his job just like any other day and entered the burning building with the crew of Engine 50.  Shortly after his crew entered the building, the fire intensified and injured two members of his crew and a crew member of Ladder 77. Kevin, was unable to reach the door and died before he was found by the fire crews on the scene.  

Kevin was a member of Class 23 which graduated on November 17, 2003.  I saw his class when they gathered at our union hall for a debriefing the next morning.  I was very impressed by the courage these guys showed and they seemed determined that their brother firefighter Kevin Wayne Kulow will never be forgotten.

To his family and friends:

I am very sorry for the loss your loss of your Kevin. I been involved in the memorial aspect of HFD's history for over 15 years. I did not know Kevin but he was my brother firefighter and it is very difficult for me to type these works about him. 

                                         Rest in peace Brother Kevin Kulow.

Scott Mellott
Written April 5, 2004-11:40 pm

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