Jackie Dunham Ludwick  

August 17, 1933  -  February 4, 1977 at age 44  


Born :   in Austin, Texas                
Entered Fire Department :
July 16, 1956
Duty :
Senior Captain at Station #7  
Buried :
Woodlawn Cemetery, Section 8, Plot 154, Space 3A 

Captain Jackie Ludwick was respected by his fellow fire fighters as a competent fire officer. His knowledge and ability as a fire fighter were probably contributing factors that saved fire fighters under his command from serious harm or even death just months prior to his own death. This incident took place at a local hospital in which a fire was reported in the ventilation system. The fire was in the duct used for venting the hospitalís dryers in the laundry. Just minutes before a serious flashover occurred in the duct system where the fire fighters had been working for some time to find the deep-seated smoldering fire, Captain Ludwick sensed something major was wrong and began ordering the fire fighters out of the venting system. However, several fighters were injured. Had there been more fire fighters in the area, the results would have been more tragic. Months later, Captain Ludwick was directing the efforts to extinguish a fire at 3700 Wheeler when he suffered a fatal heart attack and was transported to Hermann Hospital. Efforts to save the Captain failed.

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