Damion Jon Hobbs


Born:  December 24h 1978 in Galveston, Texas
Entered Fire Department Academy:  2008, Class  #
Duty:  "Rookie"  at Station 26 "B" Shift
Died:  April 12th Easter Sunday, 2009 at 30 years young 
South Park Cemetery Lawn  Garden of Eternal Love Lot 53 Space 5

Written:  3:30 A.M.   April 17th, 2009      

Findagrave.com Listing

 It always saddens me to list any deceased fire fighters name on this web site. 

Line of duty deaths affect me to the deepest core of my soul. 

Since February 14th 2000 (Valentines Day) Houston has 7 Fire Fighters  perish in the Line of Duty. Damion is the 62nd Fire Fighter to die in the line of duty since the HFD went to a paid department in 1895.

To the Hobbs Family:

Your young man was taken away from us way too soon. He spent his time wisely and made many great accomplishments and was not able to full fill his dream of a long successful career a Houston Fire Fighter but in is short time with us-he made us proud!

The Brothers and Sisters of The Houston Fire Department will never  forget him

(I will be adding to this once things calm down a bit)

Scott Mellott

Hey: The picture above was obtained from Damion's Sister Janice.  It was taken (by him-self portrait) in January 2009 at Station 28A while on his EMT rotation.  I have declare the picture the his official line of duty picture. 

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