Frank Catino  

February  10, 1892  -  January 7, 1954 at age 62  


Born :  on the boat from Sicily, Italy               
Entered Fire Department :
May 15, 1911
Duty :
Fire Fighter at Central Station   
Buried :
Forest Park Cemetery, Lawndale, Gethsemani 55, Plot 1232, Space 11 

Frank Catino was referred to by his fellow fire fighters as a tough, hard working fire fighter. He started at the end of the colorful horse-drawn era and ended his career at a time when the Fire Department was concentrating on updating its equipment and techniques.
In Frank’s forty-four year career, he was involved in four serious accidents, two of which took fellow fire fighter’s lives. The fourth accident took his own life. The accident occurred at Preston and Crawford. This Corner in the city had been dubbed the "Death Intersection" by the local newspapers. This intersection in the downtown area received this title because it was the same intersection that was the scene of the accident that killed Joseph Solito and Fidel Chabolla just five months earlier.

The truck on which Frank Catino was riding, responded to the fire alarm box at Gable Street and the MKT Railroad track. Two young men, wanted by the police, sped through the intersection at the same time. The heavy  truck struck the passenger car, instantly killing the civilians and fire fighter Frank Catino.

An interesting note, Frank Catino was born Angelo Cortimeglia. At age nineteen when he entered the fire department, the Fire Chief, Chief Ollre decided that his name was too hard for anyone to pronounce and renamed him Frank Catino. No one knows where or how the chief came up with this name, but it was the only name that he had for the rest of his life. 

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