Woodrow Wilson Erwin

March 2, 1914  - February 24, 1954 at age 40

  Photo not available 

Born :   in Palestine, Texas               
Entered Fire Department :
July 8, 1940
Duty :
Chauffeur at Station #24  
Buried :
Forest Park Cemetery, Lawndale, Section 31, Plot 518, Space 1

  Woodrow Erwin’s regular duty was that of driver assigned to Engine 24. The day of his death he was acting Captain of Engine 24 because the regular captain was off duty. Engine 24 was dispatched to a fire at 2705 Clay Street which involved a small shack located in a junkyard. Immediately after the fire was extinguished, Erwin complained of a sharp pain in his chest and asked to be taken to the hospital. While en route to Jefferson Davis Hospital, he asked the attendants to call his wife and have her meet him at the hospital. Woodrow Wilson Erwin died from a heart attack just minutes before his wife arrived.

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