Vernon John Dorsett  

November 15, 1902  -  January 21, 1949 at age 47  


Born :  in Nacogdoches, Texas               
Entered Fire Department :
December  5, 1919
Duty : 
Assistant Chief at Central Station 
Buried :
Rosewood Cemetery, Section 20, Plot 81, Space 6 

Vernon Dorsett has been given the ultimate compliment by being referred to as a "Firemanís Fireman." Chief Dorsett worked the day shift out of the Central Station, and he, like the other Assistant Chiefs, was required to go to all multiple alarm fires. He responded to such an alarm at the Hub Lumber Company at 5519 Lawndale shortly after reporting for duty. He received hisfatal injuries when his Chiefís car collided with a passenger car containing a woman who was taking her daughter to school. The accident occurred at the intersection of Harrisburg and Linwood on wet pavement. The Chiefís car slid into the passenger vehicle as it was attempting to get out of the way. Chief Dorsett was killed instantly; however, the mother and daughter received slight injuries.

A sad footnote: Chief Dorsett was to attend his daughterís wedding that evening to give her hand in marriage. The Chiefís daughter Barbara was married two weeks after the tragedy.

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