Harry Dodd

November 17, 1883 - July 26, 1923 at age 40

Born :   in Kinney, Texas              
Entered Fire Department :
January 1, 1921
Duty : 
Fire Fighter at Central Station 
Buried :
Hempstead, Texas

Harry Dodd died instantly in an accident which involved Ladder 1, a passenger car, and a streetcar. Ladder 1 was en route to a house fire at 1315 Shaw. Entering the intersection of Dallas and Milam, it hit a passenger car. Meanwhile, the Chapman Street trolley car was at the intersection waiting for the emergency vehicle to pass. Chemical Truck 1 had already crossed through the intersection a few seconds prior to Ladder 1. The ladder truck and car entered the intersection at the same time and collided with such a tremendous force that it caused Ladder 1 to hit the streetcar head on. Several fire fighters and four civilians were injured. 

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