Harold A. Denny  

September 6, 1905  -  May 1, 1924 at age 19  

 Photo not available

Born: in Houston, Texas                     
Entered Fire Department: 1924
Fire Fighter  at Station # 9  
May 1, 1924 at age 19
Washington Cemetery, Section D Lot 44   

Harold Denny was a very young, eager fire fighter just learning the job that he had chosen for his life’s profession. He was the brother-in-law of John S. Little Sr., who was the captain at Station 9 and also listed in this section. Denny was living with the Little family and was sent by Mrs. Little to the fire station with Captain Little’s bed sheets. A short time after Harold arrived at the station, Engine 9 was dispatched to a fire at the Bluefront Boarding House located at Preston and Milam. Denny decided to ride Engine 9 to the fire. En route to the fire, the driver used the North Main viaduct. Engine 9 was exiting the north end of the viaduct when a streetcar hit them. Harold Denny was riding on the rear of the pumper when he was killed instantly another fire fighter was also seriously injured.

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