Delbert Harvey Sherfy  

 April 19, 1913 - October 31, 1954 at age 41


Born:  in Houston, Texas                     
Entered Fire Department:
June 25,1941
Chauffeur at Station #1 7  
Cleveland, Texas

  Delbert Sherfy was an Acting Captain of Engine 17, when he responded to a call to wash down fuel that had spilled as a result of a car accident. The fire fighters never made it to the scene because Engine 17 hit a passenger car at Sampson and Canal. Delbert Sherfy died instantly as a result of this crash. Four of the fire fighters and both occupants of the passenger car were injured. Sadly, the next day, Robert L. Francis, one of the occupants of the car, died of multiple injuries.

   Just added:

The above photo was cut out of a photo taken by one of the newspapers in 1943.  The whole photo shows Sherfy's grandfather Henry Donnelly, Station 2, served HFD 1895 to 1945, and his Uncle Eddie Donnelly, Station 19 served HFD 1923 to 1945.  Sherfy at the time this picture was taken worked at Station 16 and had been in the HFD for 2 years.  View the photo

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