Joseph Earl "Bull" Connor  

April , 1900  -  January 31, 1951 at age 51


Born :   in Houston, Texas             
Entered Fire Department :
January 1, 1922
Duty :
Chauffeur Central Station   
Buried :
Forest Park Cemetery, Lawndale, Gethsemani 55, Plot 257, Space 1 

Joseph Conner was a soft-spoken man truly dedicated to his job. "Bull," the nickname that he had for over twenty years, died while on duty at a fire at the Alaskan Fur Factory on Main and Texas. His job was that of driving and operating the water tower truck. Witnesses said that "Bull" had just finished getting the kinks out of the fire hoses that were attached to his truck when he fell against the fire apparatus apparently suffering a heart attack. A fire fighter close by summoned for help, but by the time the ambulance crew arrived, "Bull" had already lost consciousness and attempts to revive him were futile.

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