Claude Jackson Hopkins  

January 20, 1932  -  June 30, 1962 at age 30  


Born :  in Bryan, Texas                     
Entered Fire Department :
November 1, 1956
Duty :
Chauffeur at Station # 2
Buried :
Woods Hole Cemetery, Madisonville, Texas

Claude Hopkins lost his life while driving Ladder 2 en route to an automatic sprinkler alarm at the Bayou Products Company at 1209 Commerce. The fire apparatus hit a transport truck carrying grain at the intersection of Preston and Louisiana. The grain truck entered the intersection at the same time as Ladder 2 and the two vehicles collided, injuring four fire fighters who were taken to Saint Joesph Hospital. Claude Hopkins died of his injuries the next day. Incidentally, the alarm the fire fighters were trying to reach was false.

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