NEW    HFD-Station 76 Memorial T-Shirt   NEW 

This Shirt was created to honor Kimberly Smith and Lewis Mayo. They died in the Line of Duty February 14th 2000 while fighting  a fire at a McDonalds in the southwest part of Houston.  This is a 10 year anniversary shirt, but last year for some reason I was not emotionally able to do the shirt. Those that know me know where I am coming from.  A few months back the urge hit me (maybe "someone" gave me a shove). So here it is I am very proud of it and know that those that wear it will be honored to wear it because with me that is the point.  


 Click here to See the art work of the shirt.  This is Shirt is navy on color..

  Houston Fire Department Station 26 Memorial Shirt   

 July 20th 2009

The idea for this shirt came about soon after the deaths of two Fire Fighters from Station 26 B Shift. Captain James Harlow and Fire Fighter Damion Hobbs died while operating at a house fire in the early morning hours of Easter Sunday April 12th 2009. 

I wanted to design a shirt that would honor these brave Fire Fighter's memories and at the same time give their family members some comfort when they wore this shirt. With the help of my friends Tommy and Terry and graphic artist/Fire Fighter Steve Garza-Station 28C I was able to complete this task. Once the shirt went to the BEAED in Alvin ( my vendor for all of my memorial shirts) their Art Department was able to put in the final touches to the art work and the shirt was born.  Jennifer Edwards is my contact person at BeAed, who I met after Damion Hobbs' funeral. I was taking orders for my Memorial Shirt with the two new Fire Fighters added, and had made mention that I was in between t-shirt vendors, Jennifer heard me and said she could handle that problem. We talked the next day and worked out a deal and her company has been handling my shirts orders since. The nice thing about Jen is her family lived across the street from Damion and his family.  Her family is still friends with the Hobbs family.  

I then took orders from the two families, Station 26 B, my friends and family. A total of 110 shirts were ordered. Once this task was done I had planned on turning everything over to the Crew of Captain Harlow and Damion Hobbs. With this first edition finished and out in public, I have been getting I have been getting request for the shirts from those who were not on the first edition list..

Now here is the deal. Station 26 is busy selling a different Harlow/Hobbs Memorial Shirt to finance their trip in September to Colorado Springs when our two Fire Fighters will be honored at the Annual Fire Fighters Memorial held in September each year. 

Since my goal is to get these Station 26 Memorial Shirts (contains the name of the other Station 26 Fire Fighter who died In The Line Of Duty) on the back of as many people as possible, I will continue to take orders for the shirts.

The shirt, because of the logos on both sleeves and a added color used to duplicate Station 26's logo, cost almost 12 dollars each to produce.

These shirts are Navy, pre shrunk, 100 per cent cotton and the same dependable brand I have been using for the past 5 years for my other memorial shirts.. 

The Shirts are all 15 dollars each Small to XL-18 Dollars XXl and above. 

If you have questions or want to order

email me-

Out of town or out of state orders are available-please email me for information

Just so you know the funds (profits) from the T-shirts that I sell are kept separate and goes to good causes-and I will give you one example and if you want to know more you can email me. The daughter of one of our line of duty fire fighters is in college. I send her "spending money" twice a year.  





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     HFD-Station 7 Memorial T-Shirt    

 Just completed the art work for this one. It was just a thought that I had a while back.  Station 7 has such a rich history. The fire house has had 6 Line of Duty Deaths from the first 1908 to the last 1983.  Click here to get the PDF of the art work. These come in men's s to what ever x you need. They will b 15.00 each and available in Blue or White.

   HFD-Station 2/Jay Jahnke Memorial T-Shirt   

I designed this shirt three years ago. A Jay Jahnke memorial shirt was done right after Jay;s death in 2001. For many years the family has worn this shirt, the same shirt that were given to them after the funeral. After several years I noticed Jay's mom with her shirt and it had several holes. Quite frankly as close as I am to the family it hurt my feelings to see this.  So for many months I tried to get someone or a group to sponsor the remake of the original shirt. I failed with this, got many lame excuses and finally as usual took matters into my own hands. So as a memorial historian I decided to incorporate it into a Station 2, (the other two members who died in the line of duty) "4th Man", Jay Jahnke shirt.

                                     Back Navy                                                                     Back  White

                                                                                        Front  White

   HFD-Fire Fighter Line of Duty Memorial Shirt     

This Shirt was designed by Lorie Mendel and Scott Mellott. The image of the Fire
Fighter and Girl was taken from a "Child Find" Sticker (produced in 1974) that was used many years ago. (HFD-Retired Fire Fighter Calvin Mendel and the young lady is the daughter of retired Chief Bobby Swisher) The back of the shirt contains the names of all of Houston's Line of duty Fire Fighter dating from 1899 to 2009.


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